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Michael S Eilerman, M.D.


Michael Eilerman joined University Orthopaedic Surgeons over 20 years ago, in 1993.  Dr. Eilerman graduated from the University of Dayton in 1983 and earned his M.D. from the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine in 1987.  Following an orthopaedic surgery residency at Mount Carmel Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio, he completed an orthopaedic traumatology fellowship at Tampa General Hospital, where he received distinction as “Fellow of the Year” in 1993.  Currently, a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Eilerman is an Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee Medical Center.

Dr. Eilerman has taken a special interest in joint replacement surgery of the hip and knee.  He has been performing Anterior Approach Hip Replacements at the University of Tennessee Medical Center for over seven years.  To date, he has performed over 2000 such procedures.  He feels this approach is much less invasive, with a quicker recovery than standard approaches. 

Dr. Eilerman and his wife Theresa, a Registered Nurse, have 2 lovely daughters.  Their daughter Elyse currently attends the University of Virginia and their youngest daughter Natalie is enrolled at Knoxville Catholic High School.  Dr. Eilerman enjoys spending time with his family and attending their numerous activities including triathlons, running events, swim meets, soccer games, piano and flute recitals.  His personal interests include boating, biking, hiking and hunting.

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Dr. Michael Eilerman, Anterior approach to Hip Replacement

Dr. Michael Eilerman is one of the few surgeons in the Knoxville area that performs the anterior approach to the hip replacement. With this approach, Dr. Eilerman is able to perform the surgery through the front of the hip, avoiding any cutting of the muscles or tendons, making it much less invasive than traditional hip replacement. This approach allows for a lower dislocation rate and quicker recovery. Dr. Eilerman exclusively performs this surgery at UT Medical Center and has performed this particular approach for over seven years.

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This was my 2nd knee replacement in 6 months. I had the right one replaced in June 2017 and the left one replaced in December 2017. I cannot stress enough the improvement of quality of life these surgeries have allowed me. Dr. Eilerman and his team have been wonderful from my very first visit (this includes office personel, nurses, PA's, hospital staff, etc.) Dr. Eilerman and his team show such compassion with the desire to improve their patient's quality of life. He and his team will take great care of anyone in need of orthopedic care. I can now walk the beach pain free. Thank you so much for helping me to live a productive life again.

Lisa, Total Knee Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk pain free and sleep comfortably. My total hip replacement went extremely well and I was back at work with no restrictions in two weeks. I was leery at first, but Dr. Eilerman did a fantastic job. I didn't need pain killers and was walking hours after surgery. My wife really appreciated the way he spoke with her after surgery to tell her everything was great and took as much time as she needed to answer questions.

Overall, it was a great experience and I will use Dr. Eilerman again if needed. 5 Stars!

John, Hip Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk again.

My hip replacement surgery was the easiest surgery I have had. Thanks to Dr. Michael Eilerman I feel 20 years younger. I can walk now without pain, including the lower back pain I was having. I had been to several doctors for my back pain and finally he discovered I needed hip replacement surgery. He has given me my life back and for that I am forever thankful!

Keep up the great work Dr. Eilerman. You are number one in my book!

Everyone at UT Medical was excellent in the service they provided for me. A big thank you to the nursing staff and all involved with my care!

Sandy, Hip Replacement Surgery

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can enjoy a better quality of life without pain in my knee.

Marion, Left, Total Knee Replacement

On August 15, 2015, I entered the UT Hospital for my left hip surgery. After several weeks of trying to work with intense pain, July 7, I called my UT Primary Doctor, John H. Cooper and he took me in that day and made hip X-rays. He then recommended an appointment with the UT Orthopaedic Surgeons.

On August 4, 2017, I was in Dr. Eilerman's office making more X-rays and planning surgery on August 15 at UT Medical Center. Before August 15, UT Orthopaedic Surgeons provided an information session for patients and their families on what to expect and how to prepare for the planned surgery day. It has very helpful and answered questions about what to bring to the hospital for the day of surgery and what was needed after the surgery at home recovery.

Dr. Eilerman spent time with me before and after surgery, that definitely helped in my recovery. The UT Hospital Staff was very considerate and receptive in preparing me for the surgery and my stay in the hospital after the surgery. My stay was only one night and I left the next morning for home.

My recovery started out with a "walker" provided by the Hospital, and then to a three-prong cane. My walking and driving allowed me to return to my full-time work September 5. My staff were amazed at my recovery and walking without a cane by September 25.

On October 6, 2017, I had my last UT appointment with Dr. Eilerman and my last X-ray. I was able to walk from the UT Parking Garage without a cane to his Office. My X-ray came back positive for recovery and he said I could be dismissed from future planned appointments. I was to only return, if problems occurred.

I am very grateful, in July 2017, that I did not delay to see Dr.Eilerman and go to the UT UOS with my pain. Now, I tell everyone who tells me about their hip pain and problems to go to University Orthopedic Surgeons.

Thank You, Dr. Michael S. Eilerman, M.D.

Doris, Left Hip Surgery

Thanks to my care at UOS, I am totally free of hip pain for the first time in several years. Another doctor did two hip replacements on the same hip. I was told on subsequent visits that the continuing pain was coming from my back which led to two unsuccessful back injections. My hip had also "popped out of socket" twice. Dr. Eilerman performed corrective surgery to the ball joint and my legs are almost even. Thanks to ER doctors that facilitated my change to another doctor!!!

Gary, Corrective Surgery of Hip Replacement
(due to constant pain and uneven length of legs)

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can do whatever I need to do!

Prior to surgery I was in severe pain in my leg and hip! After surgery I have been pain free. I have had limited soreness and stiffness. Dr, Eilerman, his PA and staff were great to deal with throughout the process.

Alvin, Total Hip Replacement

Dr. Eilerman did a total right hip replacement on me on April 13th , 2017 and I have done wonderful. Now, 2 months out, I have zero pain and am walking unassisted and have been released from Dr. Eilerman's care. He is a wonderful surgeon. I could not have received better care anywhere.

Billie, Total Right Hip Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can...enjoy life. Prior to my bi-lateral hip replacement I was unable to perform very simple tasks, like tying shoes, putting on socks, walking without pain, etc. Surgery was March 21, 1017, it exceeded all of my expectations. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Eilerman for giving me back the quality of life I so missed. Thank you!

Sue, Bi-Lateral Anterior Hip Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can...get my activity level back to where it needs to be. I ride, raise and show quarter horses, bush hog, haul hay and muck out stalls. I have a garden and 8 grandkids. I work part time and am very active. Six weeks post op and I am almost 100% back. I can't say enough about Dr. Eilerman and his team. Surpassed my expectations.

Judy, Left Anterior Total Hip Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk without limping or hurting. I'm 6 months out now, and it's doing great. I think Dr. Eilerman did a fine job with my surgery, and I recommend him to everyone.

Emma, Total Hip Replacement

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can...walk upright without a limp.

Prior to Feb. 2, 2017 I had moderate pain in my left hip and a pronounced limp. On that date, Dr. Eilerman replaced my left hip joint. That same afternoon I walked a dozen feet or so using a walker, with essentially no pain.

Criteria for release from the hospital were 400 ft. with a walker and going up and down a set of four stair steps. Both of these were accomplished on Feb. 3rd without pain and I was released from the hospital.

Two weeks later the routine follow-up confirmed remarkable recovery, both in hip performance and incision healing. Three weeks post-op I was walking one mile a day & having rehab at Advanced Rehabilitation in Lenoir City.

I have had no noteworthy pain from the operation and have returned to normal activities. To coin a phrase, "It was a piece of cake."

Jon, Hip Replacement
John Doe

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can...now walk better and no longer suffer from bursitis which I've had for eight years.

Thank, s to Dr. Eilerman for evening my legs with my hip replacement my life is much improved.

Carol, Right hip replacement
John Doe

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can... walk, carry on daily activities all while being pain free.

Dr. Eilerman was professional, discussed my options during my first visit. He was confident and caring leaving me comfortable enough to cancel another appointment for another opinion.

Surgery was performed. My recovery was far easier and faster than anticipated. I attribute this not just due to my following instructions but to the care and information that I was provided with. The pre-surgery class was excellent. The entire staff involved went out of their way to be helpful and supportive.

Prior to the surgery I was in quite a bit of pain, the hip was grinding bone on bone. Now, 6 weeks later I am hiking 2-4 miles 4 days a week! Looking forward to riding my horse very soon.

Monica, Hip Replacement
John Doe

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk again on my right hip without pain, which was the purpose of it all, wasn't it. However, the story would be grossly incomplete, inadequate and unfair without remarking on how professionally well it was all done, from first meeting before surgery to last meeting after surgery. The surgeon, Michael S. Eilerman: clearly and thoroughly describing all to the patient that would be involved before, during and after the surgery he would perform, and answering any questions with succinct precision --- truly a class act. The support staffs at both office and hospital: presenting the comforting impression that they had all corners competently covered to be certain that the patient was provided with all that was needed; and then some. In sum, the entire team, led by Dr. Eilerman, operated like a high caliber, well oiled human machine, caring for the patient and the patient's well being from start to finish.

Victor, Hip Replacement
John Doe

Not only did Dr. Eilerman take care of me in a professional manner the staff was very helpful and responsive. The doctor has a very good doctor/patient way of communicating and I had little questions to ask during my visits. Top notch and I, unfortunately, look forward to his replacing my other hip in the fall. First call organization.

James, Hip Replacement
John Doe

Thanks to my care at UOS, I am successfully recovering from a surgery that I had been dreading for years. And I am so thankful that I found Dr. Michael Eilerman! Six weeks ago he replaced both of my hips using an anterior approach that he finds less invasive and leads to a quicker recovery time than standard approaches. I can only speak from my experience, but at six weeks out I have been released from care and am doing great; and I'm very happy that I elected to have both hips replaced in one operation. I am virtually pain free and do just about anything I want to do, within reason. And all this with no physical therapy! (Perhaps I should add that I am age 74.) I would encourage anyone who needs hip replacement surgery to talk to Dr. Eilerman before deciding on a surgeon. In my opinion, he's the best Knoxville has to offer!

Pat, Bilateral hip replacement surgery
John Doe

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can go camping, travel, work in my yard, do activities with my church, and much more. My wife always has a "honey-do" list.

When I tell people I had ankle replacement, they can't believe it! It has changed my life. I now live pain free.

Raymond, 1 Knee Replacement / 2 Ankle Replacements / 2 Carpal Tunnel Surgeries
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  • B.S., University of Dayton, Dayton Ohio, 1983
  • M.D., University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1987


  • Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbus Children’s Hospital, Columbus, Ohio, 1990
  • Orthopaedic Surgery Residency, Mount Carmel Medical Center, Columbus, Ohio, 1992


  • Orthopaedic Traumatology Fellowship, Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, Florida, 1993

Began Practice At UOS

  • 1993

Board Certification

  • American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery, 1995

Orthopaedic Interests

  • Joint Replacement
  • Fracture Care and Reconstruction