Hip Anterior Approach

Anterior Hip Replacement is a new technique that allows the surgeon to make their surgical approach from the front of the leg rather than from the side of the leg. This procedure causes less tissue and muscle damage which causes less pain for patients. It also allows patients to return to normal activities sooner.

The Anterior Approach to hip replacement is a less invasive surgery so it is less painful. Patients that have this procedure are finding that they recuperate faster.

Traditional hip replacement surgery requires that the surgeon cut through the large muscles in the back of a patient’s hip. When the surgeon uses the Anterior Approach, the patient lies on their back during surgery and the incision is made at the front of the hip. This incision allows less muscle to be affected by the surgery. In addition, the incision made for the Anterior Approach is much smaller than traditional hip replacement surgery.

The Anterior Approach to hip replacement surgery is completed through a natural space between the muscles. The most important muscles for hip function, the gluteal muscles (buttocks muscle) that attach to the pelvis and femur (thigh bone), are not cut. Because the soft tissues around the hip are not disturbed the hip has better stability.

Another advantage of this procedure is that patients are less likely to dislocate their hip when recovering. Patients have few restrictions with this procedure during recovery process.

In traditional surgery patients are instructed to limit the flexion of the hip to no more than 90 degrees. This limitation restricts patients from performing simple daily activities such as getting in a car or sitting on a chair or toilet. Patients having the Anterior Approach can bend their hips freely and avoid most restrictions.

Your UOS surgeon has completed the specialized training required to perform this new technique.

Watch Dr. Michael Eilerman discuss the Anterior approach to Hip Replacement

Dr. Michael Eilerman is one of the few surgeons in the Knoxville area that performs the anterior approach to the hip replacement. With this approach, Dr. Eilerman is able to perform the surgery through the front of the hip, avoiding any cutting of the muscles or tendons, making it much less invasive than traditional hip replacement. This approach allows for a lower dislocation rate and quicker recovery. Dr. Eilerman exclusively performs this surgery at UT Medical Center and has performed this particular approach for over three years.