UOS Patient Stories

Bill - Ankle surgery to deal with infection in badly broken ankle


Thanks to my care at UOS, I can return to hiking and backpacking.

Five months after surgery to repair a badly broken ankle, which occurred while I was in Maryland, I developed an infection. The surgeon in Maryland advised that another surgery was required to remove the metal screws and plates and to clean out the infection, and then a period of antibiotics. Although he said he would do the surgery he said it would require several visits. Due the distance from my home he suggested I get it done in Knoxville. The orthopaedic group I and my family had used for years refused to see me, as did several other orthopaedic surgeons in town. My wife was in tears. I could loose my lower leg and no surgeon wanted to follow another surgeon's work. Dr. Smith agreed immediately to see me and following surgery in April, and physical therapy, I now look forward to more days enjoying the beautiful outdoors on my own "two" feet. Dr. Smith and his staff have been fantastic. His skill and medical staff's attitude removed so much concern from me and my wife. God bless them.


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