UOS Patient Stories

Connie - Knee Surgery

Dr. Holt

"First I would like to thank God and next thank Dr. Holt and his team for giving me back my life. I had for many years been going to another doctor which wanted me to lost a lot of weight before he would do my surgery. I tried to lose but could not because when you can not walk, it is very hard to lose weight. I am sure the other doctor is a good doctor but this was just his policy.

I am so glad my son found you Dr. Holt, and your team, because I was on my way to a wheelchair. And now people see me and can not believe the difference this surgery had made. I can not believe it myself. I can go to any store or estate sales now. I have also lost 40 lbs since my first knee surgery in April.


I will continue to try to lose more weight because now I love to walk. I will forever hold Dr. Holt and his team close to my heart. God bless each of you."


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