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Doris - Left Hip Surgery


On August 15, 2017, I entered the UT Hospital for my left hip surgery. After several weeks of trying to work with intense pain, July 7, I called my UT Primary Doctor, John H. Cooper and he took me in that day and made hip X-rays. He then recommended an appointment with the UT Orthopaedic Surgeons.

On August 4, 2017, I was in Dr. Eilerman's office making more X-rays and planning surgery on August 15 at UT Medical Center. Before August 15, UT Orthopaedic Surgeons provided an information session for patients and their families on what to expect and how to prepare for the planned surgery day. It has very helpful and answered questions about what to bring to the hospital for the day of surgery and what was needed after the surgery at home recovery.

Dr. Eilerman spent time with me before and after surgery, that definitely helped in my recovery. The UT Hospital Staff was very considerate and receptive in preparing me for the surgery and my stay in the hospital after the surgery. My stay was only one night and I left the next morning for home.

My recovery started out with a "walker" provided by the Hospital, and then to a three-prong cane. My walking and driving allowed me to return to my full-time work September 5. My staff were amazed at my recovery and walking without a cane by September 25.

On October 6, 2017, I had my last UT appointment with Dr. Eilerman and my last X-ray. I was able to walk from the UT Parking Garage without a cane to his Office. My X-ray came back positive for recovery and he said I could be dismissed from future planned appointments. I was to only return, if problems occurred.

I am very grateful, in July 2017, that I did not delay to see Dr.Eilerman and go to the UT UOS with my pain. Now, I tell everyone who tells me about their hip pain and problems to go to University Orthopedic Surgeons.

Thank You, Dr. Michael S. Eilerman, M.D.


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