UOS Patient Stories

Jack - Peroneal tendon surgery

Dr. Seaworth

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can now resume my running. I am a 66 year old male long distance runner.

I suffered a split tear in my peroneal tendon, which made it impossible for me to be able to run. After many weeks of hoping it would heal on its own, a MRI confirmed the damage. Dr. Seaworth reviewed the MRI and immediately scheduled surgery. The surgery went very well, despite the damage to the tendon being more severe than the MRI had indicated. Dr. Seaworth was very knowledgeable and professional in our initial meeting and helped assure me that I would be able to get through this injury, surgery and rehab, and would be able to run again. She helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire time post surgery and was very helpful during follow up visits. I would highly recommend Dr. Seaworth to anyone that needs surgery in the foot/ankle area. I had no pain or complications post surgery and am now back to begin ramping up my running schedule again. Thanks to Dr. Seaworth and all at UOS who helped me during this time. I really app reciate it.


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