UOS Patient Stories

Jon - Hip Replacement

Dr. Michael Eilerman & Maged Abdu (Physical Therapist)

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can...walk upright without a limp.

Prior to Feb. 2, 2017 I had moderate pain in my left hip and a pronounced limp. On that date, Dr. Eilerman replaced my left hip joint. That same afternoon I walked a dozen feet or so using a walker, with essentially no pain.

Criteria for release from the hospital were 400 ft. with a walker and going up and down a set of four stair steps. Both of these were accomplished on Feb. 3rd without pain and I was released from the hospital.

Two weeks later the routine follow-up confirmed remarkable recovery, both in hip performance and incision healing. Three weeks post-op I was walking one mile a day & having rehab at Advanced Rehabilitation in Lenoir City.

I have had no noteworthy pain from the operation and have returned to normal activities. To coin a phrase, "It was a piece of cake."


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