UOS Patient Stories

Joshua - Nerve and tendon repair to right wrist


In late August 2017, my 2 year old son Easton had an accident where his right wrist was severely cut. He severed an artery, many tendons and nerves. Easton received emergency surgery at Childrens Hospital to stop the bleeding and try to save as much as possible. The team that took care of him there were great and we are thankful for them. The surgeon told us he may never be able to have normal feeling in that hand or even be able to use it again. This broke my wife's and my hearts as he has his whole life ahead of him. We were devastated. About 2 weeks later Dr Smith at University orthopedics reached out to my wife and I and offered their help. We went in and in a few days our son was once again in surgery. Dr. Smith went in and was able to reattach tendons and nerves via graphs using a microscope. Again we were told only time would tell how much Easton's hand would recover. Well it has now been 4 months and our son has already started using his hand again. More than we thought. The surgery seems to have been a success and as far as I'm concerned is nothing short of a miracle. Easton now can move all of his fingers again, grab things, and has feeling again (how much we are not sure but its a start). Also the team of nurses and staff there were great to us and wonderful with Easton. Thank you Dr. Smith and your staff for the work you all did with our son. Because of you guys he now has a second chance at many things in life we thought were taken away from him.


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