UOS Patient Stories

Margie - Knee Replacement x2

Michael Holt

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can... Work pain free while standing on my feet all day. I can walk pain free and climb stairs. Walking does not hurt my back and hips because of how I was walking before the procedure.

I had my first knee done in December and had no problems. Walking on my own within a week and a half without a walker or cane. No real pain that bothered me. Great, quick recovery back to work in 6 weeks at a standing job. Had second knee done at end of May. Pain was a little more than first procedure but tolerable with pain meds. Did not reach full range of motion quite as quick but doctor gave me a steroid injection and it made a real difference was back to work in 6 weeks. Over all I feel both procedures went well. I did a lot better with the first procedure than I had expected and recovery was faster than expected. I have been recommending Dr. Holt to all my friends and a lot of people have asked what Doctor did my surgery because of the speedy recovery with no complications.


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