UOS Patient Stories

Nathan - Left Total Knee Replacement


Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk with confidence. I also know where to go if the other knee gives out on me...

The results of the surgery simply amazed me. I was particularly impressed by the coordinated recovery between the doctors office and the extraordinary PT group in the same building in Turkey Creek. The therapy exceeded my expectations in every way. I left each session a little tired, a bit smarter, and a lot more confident. The training and advice is solid. Follow it and you will be on a trajectory to succeed beyond your expectations.

A word about pain management. I honestly found that the range of motion homework was very therapeutic. SERIOUSLY. If I woke up with pain, or found myself rather uncomfortable during the day, a few minutes of the stretches and bends (which are uncomfortable) brought almost instant relief after a few repetitions. The discomfort was reduced by more than half within a minute. There was not a pill in my house that could work that well or that fast.

If you hear this from your Therapist, BELIEVE.


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