UOS Patient Stories

Victor - Hip Replacement

Michael Eilerman

Thanks to my care at UOS, I can walk again on my right hip without pain, which was the purpose of it all, wasn't it. However, the story would be grossly incomplete, inadequate and unfair without remarking on how professionally well it was all done, from first meeting before surgery to last meeting after surgery. The surgeon, Michael S. Eilerman: clearly and thoroughly describing all to the patient that would be involved before, during and after the surgery he would perform, and answering any questions with succinct precision --- truly a class act. The support staffs at both office and hospital: presenting the comforting impression that they had all corners competently covered to be certain that the patient was provided with all that was needed; and then some. In sum, the entire team, led by Dr. Eilerman, operated like a high caliber, well oiled human machine, caring for the patient and the patient's well being from start to finish.


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