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Considering all great journeys begin with a single step, you should make sure your “best foot” is always ready to step forward.

To most people, there is not much worse than being kept off your feet due to pain or injury. The foot and ankle team at UOS are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all issues related to the lower extremity. As with the treatment of other joints, UOS surgeons are skilled in arthroscopy of the ankle and subtalar joint as needed for a more detailed look to aid in diagnosis. In the most severe cases, UOS surgeons offer total ankle arthroplasty.

Our goal is to provide superior, comprehensive care specializing in traditional, innovative and surgical procedures of the foot and ankle. The physicians at UOS have treated an array of foot and ankle conditions including arthritis, sports injuries, Achilles injuries, bunions, deformity correction, osteochondral lesions of the talus, and fractures.

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