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Knee Education


The knee is the largest join in the body and one of the most easily injured – size doesn’t always equal strength!

From the moment of mobility in an infant throughout the course of life, knees endure a terrific pounding to keep us on the move. Perhaps one of the most common orthopaedic injuries includes those to the knee which are often a result of repetitive overuse or acute trauma from an impact, twisting or stress. Injuries or disorders of the knee can lead to instability, stiffness, and locking.

Our team of professionals works closely to provide coordinated care for knee problems with rehabilitation as the most critical component. Arthroscopic knee surgery is a common procedure used to assist in solidifying a diagnosis and identifying the best treatment plan. UOS surgeons have completed thousands of partial and total knee replacements on qualifying patients and have a tremendous success rate in restoring function, reducing pain and allowing patients to rediscover their joy for living.

Medical Consumer Information for Knee Patients: