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Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy

Sports Medicine & Arthroscopy

No matter the field or the level of experience, UOS offers expertise in treating all sports-related injuries.

Whether you are swinging a racket or handling a ball, a lifetime of athletics is sure to bring on an injury or two. Sports injuries are commonly a result of accidents, poor training practices, improper equipment or lack of conditioning. While the entire body is vulnerable to a sports injury, typically it is the musculoskeletal system most at risk including muscles, bones, and associated tissues like cartilage.

Arthroscopy is a common surgical procedure for sports injuries where the physician is able to see a clear view of the inside of a patient’s joint to help them diagnose joint problems truly from the inside out. Arthroscopy is a technique used to preserve joints through a less invasive surgical procedure and commonly performed on hip, knee and shoulder joints.

From ACL injuries and tennis elbow to ankle sprains and Achilles tendon tears, our orthopaedic surgeons offer the most advanced treatments to help patients heal as quickly as possible and return to performing at the top of their game.

Medical Consumer Information for Sports Medicine patients:

Dr. Oros’ video on hip arthroscopy