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Total Joint CARE

Total Joint Care

Do you suffer from joint pain? The Total Joint Care team at UOS is working to help people of all ages to live pain-free, active lives.

When a door in your home will not open and close properly, there a lot of options to try before replacing the hinges. The same applies at UOS in treating damaged joints caused by injury or arthritis. Dysfunction in a joint can leave a patient completely immobile. No matter where life takes you – chasing after a ball, keeping up with children or entertaining friends – your daily routine depends on your joints to get you there. UOS physicians operating the Total Joint Center at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, the only accredited facility in Knoxville, specialize not only in joint replacement & reconstruction but also joint preservation.

The Total Joint Care Team at UOS can address any joint dysfunction from shoulder to ankle. When joint damage reaches a level of severity and perseverance requiring total joint replacement, the Total Joint Care team at UOS offers minimally invasive procedure combined with a full team of professionals to support patients literally every step of the way. UOS surgeons routinely replace knee, hip, shoulder, ankle joints and other joints as needed.

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